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A cuppa and a chat with HTWH

One of my favourite things to do (besides drinking tea!!) is to talk to people who have followed their passion, and find out where it all began for them. Not only do they inspire me, but also motivate me to keep going on my own journey!

This month, I sat down and had a cuppa and a chat with Amy, one of the directors from our tea suppliers High Tea with Harriet.  Based in Victoria, this artisan tea company has been creating beautiful teas since 2013. 

1. Amy what, or who inspired you to start a tea business?

After a decade of working in Television production, I really needed a change. I was passionate about tea and really wanted to start a business creating a tea range of fresh, truly interesting, unique and high-quality teas, served in elegant, vintage-style, decorative packaging. I had a shelf full of old Twinings tea tins which had sparked my imagination to create a tea company that really celebrated the old English tradition of the lovely ritual of tea – taking time for tea and always having tea with a slice of cake!

2. Where did the name “High Tea with Harriet” come from?

Harriet is the person you’d imagine you’d love to have High Tea with. We imagine Harriet as an exciting, eccentric, extravagant aunty who’s travelled the world and seen amazing places and has wonderful stories to tell. The Harriet in my life was my dearest Grandma.  She was the person I loved to have a cup of tea with. Whenever I’d visit my Grandma, we would always have 5 cups of tea and a bikkie, chatting all afternoon.

3. For you, what is the best thing about owning a tea business?

I love having something that truly belongs to me, something that allows me to be creative in untold ways and keeps me interested every single day.

4. In regards to the cafe culture, what would you like to see changed in regards to how tea is presented?

I would love to see cafes take as much care with their tea service as with their coffee. Honour your tea lovers just as much as your coffee lovers by serving them premium teas, full of flavour, that are brewed perfectly – not, as is so often the case, serving weak tea that tastes just like tepid water. Cafes are missing out on tea drinker loyalty as well as extra income. Teabags are a no-no as well (of course). Customers really do not want to pay $4.50 for teabag tea. As we know, teabag tea is lower quality tea and one teabag is not enough tea to fill a cafe teapot with full-bodied flavour. Cafes who serve premium tea and take great care to serve their tea properly (as well as promoting their tea menu to their customers), will reap the rewards many times over. Here’s to being able to get a great cup of tea when eating out!

5. What’s your ultimate tea break?

My ultimate tea break is having a moment alone to ponder the universe, looking out at the sea and drinking tea, without my dearest 4 year old chatterbox demanding all my attention. Sounds like bliss to me, can we make that happen? Please? Haha 🙂