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Proudly Supplying Southern Forest Sencha Green Tea


We are now the proud stockists of the only teas grown right here in WA! And it is one of the sweetest green teas around!

Meerup tea Estate is a family run farm, and they do it all – from growing and processing to packaging the tea. Originally cattle and avocado farmers, they embarked on their tea journey in 2007. After patiently nurturing the tea plants, and finding the right processing plant, they finally started selling tea for the first time in 2016.

They are committed to zero use of pesticides, herbicides, fungisides and all the things that are put in food to prolong its shelf life.

The Southern Forest Sencha green tea has a slightly sweet, astringent, grassy flavour. It has all the freshness of WA, and the more you drink the tea the sweeter it begins to taste.

Available now, we have 100gram packets of this wonderful loose leaf tea for $12.50.

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