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My first Blog Post

Hi there tea lovers!

Well this is my first blog…ever!! It is something that I have wanted to do for such a long time, as I have so much to say about tea, and all the wonderful things about having tea in my life.

And I desperately wanted it to be perfect!   So have kept putting off starting it, because it wasn’t the right day, I was not in the right frame of mind, the weather wasn’t right!  However, I have now realised that all of those things are never all going to be all in line, because life simply isn’t like that.  And if I keep waiting, I will be missing out on doing something that makes me happy.  So… goes!

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting some lovely women at an afternoon tea for International Women’s Day.  Many of them had faced adversity in their lives.   I was blown away by their determination and strength to be the best people that they can be, in spite of what life had thrown at them.  At the centre of all this was their ability to count their blessings daily, to highlight the positives, and to be grateful for the good things in their lives.   And they did not sit and meditate for hours upon end to do this, but simply incorporated gratitude into their normal daily activities.

I have been told by many people that they simply do not have time to use loose leaf tea to make their daily cup of tea, and that tea bags are quicker and easier.  I agree.  Tea made from loose leaves does take more time.  You have to measure out the tea, place it in an infuser or pot, and allow time for the leaves to unfurl and steep, so that the full flavour of the tea can be appreciated.  However, it is during this time, that I practice my daily gratitude.  In that five minutes, I step out from the madness of my day, breathe in the freshly made tea, and mentally acknowledge three things that I am grateful for.  Sometimes this is not easy to do, especially if the day isn’t going so well. And I would say that this is when I need it the most!  The making of my cup of tea allows me to stop, relax and refocus…..the ultimate mindfulness!!!  And I get to enjoy a lovely cup of tea afterward, which always makes me happy!

In our crazy world today, anything that gives you a few minutes just for YOU has to be a good thing!!

Happy sipping

Crazy Tea Lady x

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  1. Well done Denise …. my mother in law commented that sipping her Elevenses tea is a small pleasure that relaxes her. We all need some time to appreciate and enjoy the small pleasures in life ☕️ ?

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